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In the context of providing you with the Services or accessing the Website (as specified in the Terms of Use), we will gather, use, publish, preserve and/or process data, including your personal data. The Platform shall also apply to the applicable provider platform(s) in this Privacy Policy.

 This Privacy Policy serves to keep you updated of how we gather, use, report, archive and/or process the data we obtain and obtain during the distribution of the Services or access to the Platform to you, our customer, whether you use our Platform as a purchaser or a seller. We will only gather, use, publish, archive and/or process your personal information in compliance with this Privacy Policy.

It is important that you read this Privacy Policy along with any other relevant notifications that we will send on particular occasions when we plan to  gather, use, publish and/or process personal data about you, so that you are fully aware of how and why we use your personal data.

We may be updating this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes we bring to this Privacy Policy in the future will be mirrored on this website and you will be informed of any material changes. Where allowed under local law, your continuing usage of the Services, access to the Website or use of the Services, including imposing orders (as specified in the Terms of Use) on or express consent to the Platform, shall constitute your approval and acceptance of any improvements that we make to this Privacy Policy. You agree that it is your responsibility to check back frequently to see any updates or changes to this Privacy Policy.

All these terms apply to our platform and website users, whether buyers or sellers, unless stated specifically to apply only to buyers or only to sellers.

Personal Data We Collect from You

Personal data means any information about an person, whether it is documented in a material form or not, whether it is real or not, that can be defined from that data (whether directly or indirectly) or from that data and other data that we have or are likely to have access to.

As a Buyer and Seller, during your use of the website platform and the provision of our services, we can collect personal information about you as follows:

  • Identification details, such as your name, gender, profile and date of birth;
  • Contact details, such as billing address, shipping address, e-mail address and telephone number;
  • Biometric details, such as voice files when you use our voice search function, and facial and other body features and voice of yourself and/or another person featuring in your video when you upload videos to the platform.
  • Account information, such as bank account details, bank balances, credit card details and payment details (such account data can also be obtained directly from our affiliates and/or third-party payment processing providers);
  • Transaction info, such as details of orders and payments, and other details of goods and services available to you;
  • Profile info, such as your username and password, relevant orders, your activities, priorities, input and survey responses.
  • Usage details such as information about how to use the platform and website , products and services or display other content on the Platform, including time spent on the Platform, objects and data checked on the Platform, access times and dates, as well as websites you visited before you come to the Platform and other related statistics.
  • Marketing and contact info, such as your preferences for getting marketing from us and our third parties, your relationship habits and you speak, email or call history on the App or with third party service providers.
  • We may ask you to request for additional details for due diligence checks as necessary for identity verification (such as copies of identification provided by the government, e.g. passport, ID cards, etc.) or whether we think you are in violation of our Privacy Policy or our Terms of Use.

Receiving your personal data

During your use of the platform and our provision of services, we may receive personal information and data from you in situations such as:

  • When you are browsing our website and platform from mobile and web versions
  • When you create an account with us as a buyer or a seller
  • When you list products or services for sale on our platform
  • When you apply or subscribe to use any of the services
  • When you proceed to make any transactions regarding the products available on our platform
  • When you activate or use any payment-related functions available on our platform
  • When you proceed to contact with us through any customer support services and assistance provided on our platform
  • When you subscribe to our marketing campaigns, events or offer on our platform
  • When you participate in any competition, promotions or surveys hosted by our platform
  • Logging into your account through internal or external applications such as Facebook or Instagram
  • Complaints, reports and other enquires lodged by third parties against you
  • Online and Offline interaction with us including interaction with our assigned outsourced customer services agents

Please note that you must only send personal data that is correct and not inaccurate, and you must keep them up to date and remind us of any changes to your personal data.

We do have the right to request documents and to carry out the appropriate checks in order to validate your personal details as part of our user authentication process or as required by law.

We would only be able to collect certain types of personal data if you knowingly supply us with personal data as provided for in this Privacy Policy. If you chose not to provide us with your personal data or, eventually, revoke your agreement to our use of your personal data, we may not be able to provide you with those functionality or functionality of the Product or connections to the Website.

If you sign up to be a user of our Platform using your social media account or connect your account to your social media account or use some other social media features, in compliance with the policies of the provider, we may access personal data about you that you have voluntarily given to your social media provider and we will handle your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Usage and Disclosure of Personal Data

We will use the collected data from you for certain purposes such as:

  • Processing your order for any products in the platform
  • Providing and facilitating you the best services and assistance, improving user experience  
  • Providing and facilitating information needed for Marketing and Advertising
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements, including any law enforcement requests, in connection with any legal proceedings or otherwise deemed necessary by us
  • Other legal and operational purposes that could help the platform operate more efficiently
  • Analytical research for business planning and forecasting
  • Auditing and financial reporting
  • Facilitating and providing information and data for business development
  • Conducting decision making processes
  • Conducting surveys, including research on user demographics and behaviors.
  • Facilitating your payments
  • Delivering your products when you purchased
  • Verifying and carrying out financial transactions in relation payments 
  • Researching on users’ behaviors and demographics 
  • Providing you information during your usage
  • Support on socializing functions
  • Promoting certain services
  • Create additional attributes specific to you based on your personal details to improve your experience using our website.

Updating Personal Data

Please note that it is crucial that for you to continue using the Website and for us to deliver the Services, the personal details you provide to us is correct and complete. You are responsible for reminding us of any modifications to your personal data, or if you feel that your personal information is incorrect, insufficient, deceptive or out of date.

You can update all your personal data anytime by accessing your account on the website and platform.

Personal Data Security

For the best data security of your personal data please make sure to ensure the confidentiality of your account, password and other credentials.  To keep your account secure, please do not assign your account or give any account information to anyone.

We also adopted effective administrative, physical and technological safeguards to protect your personal data against unauthorized entry, storage, usage, dissemination, compilation, copying, change, disposal, destruction, misuse, alteration or related threats, such as:

  • Restricting access to personal data to individuals who require access
  • Preserving security updates to avoid unwanted access to computers
  • Implementing our security measures as required by applicable law

Please be aware that even with our safeguards and efforts applied, however no method of communication over the Internet or method of electronic storage is fully secure. Although protection cannot be assured, we are committed to protecting the security of your information and are continuously updating and improving our information security measures.

 If you are suspecting that your data has been breached. Please contact us immediately through our Customer Service Support.

Providing Feedback regarding Privacy & Security

If you have any concerns about personal data security or privacy, please refer to our list of commonly asked questions about data protection and privacy.

If your requests are not protected by our FAQs, or if you have any queries or complaints about this Privacy Policy or how we treat your personal info, please feel free to contact us through our online customer service support or as follows:  (Provide our office number & other contact details here )

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