Shipping & Delivery

The shipping time depends on the origin of the products (overseas etc.) and the distance from seller's location to your shipping address. .
please view our shipping policy for more information.
Your package may have been received on your behalf by someone else. You may check the recipient's name and details in .If the problem still exists, kindly contact our Customer Service for further assistance.
please view our Customer Service for more information.
Customer will have to raise a claim in order to get the refund. The claim can be negated by the seller if a valid proof of delivery is provided within timeframe.
Please view our Shipping Policy for more information.
You must raise the claim within from the date of parcel received. Take a few pictures of your damaged good and additional picture for how the parcel was packaged will be helpful. Email the supporting documents to our customer service.
Please view our Shipping Policy for more information.

Privacy and Security

Please view our guideline.
We take your privacy seriously and are committed to comply with all the data protection as are applicable to us.Our Privacy Policy exists to keep you inform about how we collect, use, disclose and/or process the data we collect. We will only collect, use, disclose and/or process the data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.
During our provision of services to you, we many collect identity data, contact data, account data, transaction data, technical data, profile data, usage data, location data, biometric data, as well as marketing and communications data.
The personal data that collect from you may be used to facilitate the use of our website, to process your orders, to facilitate your payments, to deliver the products which you have purchased, to update you on the delivery of the products, to verify and carry out financial transactions.For more information, please view our Privacy Policy .
We may share and permit the sharing of your personal data with third parties and affiliates and we ensure that the third parties and our affiliates will keep your personal data secure and only retain your personal data only if your personal data is needed to achieve what they need to achieve.We may share your personal data with third parties in exceptional circumstances, such as when there are grounds to believe that the disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health, or for law enforcement purposes.
Please Contact our customer service for further assistance. Once done, your TheBlackFox account will be deactivated, which mean your email address will no longer be re-used to log in or sign up for TheBlackFox account. Returns and refunds cannot be processed for orders on this account.
You are free to change, update or delete all your personal data, including profile pictures, contact number, personal details on TheBlackFox's webiste.
Please contact our customer service for further assistance. I forgot my password, what should I do? You may reset your password by using either your Email/Mobile number/contact our customer service for further assistance.
(This need to see the UI of the website)
Once you activated the account, you can login to your account by inputting your Phone Number/Username/Email Address.

Return and Refund

Your Return Reason are available based on our Return & Refund Policy . Please fill in the "Comments" section as this will give the Seller more information about your Return Reason for Seller to decide whether on approving or rejecting your request.
Your returned item needs to be in the same condition as it was received, properly packed, within the accepted dimension for specific drop off courier partner and so on.Please view our Customer Service Page for more information.
Before submitting a return request, please check if you are still within the return validity period as stated in our Return & Refund Policy .
In page, you will see the last return validity date for you to submit a Return Request. You will no longer to initiate a Return Request after due date.
I will take approximately days for the Return package to arrive back to Seller or TheBlackFox's Warehouse. Once a quality check has been completed, we will inform you by email about decision of TheBlackFox whether the Return is accepted or rejected.
When initiating a return, you can view all options of refund available by clicking and select your preferred method.
You need to take a few photos of the item before and after wrapping to show all item are pack in original condition and package is sealed securely. Please ensure all the accessories/items are return in original condition as missing items will cause the return to be rejected.
You may take a photo on all the item received in the parcel and capture the proof of chat history with seller. Please Contact our customer service for further assistance.
You may contact our customer service/open up a dispute if you do not agree with the seller decision. Our team will review this decision made by the Seller and provide you with a final decision within working days.
It will take around working days on average for the return package to be received. Once quality check is done, the decision to accept or reject return request will be made and will inform you by email. The refund amount is inclusive of the shipping fee incurred during the return process.
Return timeline 3 – 7 business day3 – 14 business day
Refund timeline 3 – 5 business day3 – 5 business day
The refund made for your order will be a total actual paid price and usage of vouchers will not be included in the refund.
How do I track my order? you may check with our courier partner, EasyParcel for detail of shipping history. You can track your order by entering the tracking number/order number in <> this website ad


Please contact our customer service for further information if you know of the unauthorized transaction. What payment methods are allowed on TheBlackFox? Currently, TheBlackFox only accept Ipay88 as payment method.
You will receive email confirmation and a "Payment Success" notification will appear once your Order has been confirmed.


TheBlackFox Pricing system aim to let sellers to understand the pricing system without trading their losses on their cost of products or processing fees. Please view our Pricing Policy for more information.
It will charge MYR1.00 per transaction (For overseas/international users will be charge accordingly to MYR currency.) and the processing fees will be charge for every transaction no matter how much the transaction hold, the fees will count per transaction.For more information, please view Pricing Policy or contact our customer service.
The fees will calculate by fixed prices instead of percentage, the prices will be remained until further notices.
Seller won’t get their money immediately once the buyers done the transfer, sellers must wait a period of security program payment then the money will flow to seller’s finance payment cycle.
There’s no limit on withdrawal but sellers must make sure there’s enough of balances to be deduct for withdrawal fees. For terms and condition, please view our pricing policy for more information.
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