Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery

A. Statement: Shipping Processing Time

All orders are processed within (14) business days. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.

B. Statement: Shipping rate & delivery estimates

Shipping charges for your order will be auto-calculated with the general rule of the calculation based on : the type of delivery option you selected , total number of items you order , weight and dimension of your package, distance of shipping address and geographical location. Shipping charges will be calculated and displayed at the checkout. 

Note: Some sellers will provide free shipping promotion on an item with shipping costs by setting a minimum spending value requirement that needs to be reached.

C. Statement: Shipment confirmation & order tracking

You will receive a Shipment Confirmation email once your order has shipped containing your tracking number(s).  You will be able to track your order, please click here to track order

D. Statement:  Customs, Duties and Taxes

In some cases, for shipment especially international shipping, duties and tariffs may incurred. Please note that all additional fees such as (tariffs, taxes, etc.) during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact, notify and discuss your seller to obtain more information regarding duties and taxes that might be imposed.

E. Statement:  Damages

Damaged Item: 

If your item received is damaged, you may choose to return it as soon as possible in order to be refunded. To return your damaged item, you can do so by submitting a form under certain conditions through our platform.

Defective Item:

Defective object is a commodity with an unwanted aspect in terms of exterior and interior design. As it may cause physical harm, it may be unsafe for the consumer who owned the products. We have divided our faulty goods into two groups, which are ‘Minor Defect’ and ‘Major Defect’

A) Minor Defect: Imperfection of item that does not affect the function such as improper finish, dis-colored and light scratches. We encourage you to contact the seller via the platform for a faster resolution. How to contact seller: click here

B) Major Defect:  An issue with the item which affects its function such as harmful electrical wiring faults, software error, size and weight deforms, major crack etc. We therefore encourage you on processing an immediate return. 

We provide customer support services to buyers if the product you received is damaged. Please contact our customer service support if you are facing such issues.

F. Statement:  International Shipping

An estimated of (7) to (14) business days is required for international shipping and may vary depending on the method of shipping, weather conditions and geographical location. We are committed to provide customer support service if you are facing problems regarding International Shipping. Please contact our customer service support if you are facing issues in International Shipping.

G. Statement:  Tracking Order

You may track your order through our platform by clicking the link (insert link) provided. 

You may also track your order directly at our courier service provider website : 

If you have any concerns regarding tracking your order, please do not hesitate to contact either our customer support service or our courier service provider directly.

Privacy & Security

A. Statement: Account Safety

When using the website, please ensure the confidentiality of your account, password and other credentials.  To keep your account secure, please do not assign your account or give any account information to anyone.

B. Statement:  Password

Please remember Password secured at all costs. If you had forgotten your password, you may reset your password by using either your Email or Mobile number. Please note you need your Email or Mobile number to verify your password.

If you had forgot your password, please click ‘Forget Password’ (insert link) at the login page to reset.

C. Statement:  Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Data

During your use of our website and our services, we may collect the following personal data from you such as : identity data , account data , contact data , technical data , transaction data , profile data , location data , usage data , biometric data and marketing and communications data.

During your use of our website and our services, we may be collecting personal information and data from you in situations such as:

1) During the development of your account, 

2) Log in to your account via external services or applications 

3) During the purchasing of the products on our website 

4) By subscribing to our ad campaigns or publications; 

5) When you enter a contest / survey / promotion 

6) After the engagement of the initiative 

7) Our offline contact with us.

The compilation of personal details and data from you may be used and/or revealed for a range of reasons, such as:

1) Our website facilitation  

2) Processing your orders 

3) Facilitating your payments 

4) Delivering your products when you purchased

5) Verifying and carrying out financial transactions in relation payments  

6) Researching on users’ behaviors and demographics  

7) Providing you information during your usage 

8) Support on socializing functions 

9) Promoting certain services

10) Create additional attributes specific to you based on your personal details to improve your experience using our website.

11) To supply you with advertisements and promotions that remind you of the new sales and promotions. 

D. Statement:  Updating and Changing Personal Data

You can change, update or delete all your personal data, including pictures, contact number and other personal details through the personal account settings on our website. You can use the personal account page to make amendments you wish to your personal data.

Please click here (insert link) to access Personal Account Settings

E. Statement:  Data Breach

If you are suspecting that your data has been breached. Please contact us immediately through our Customer Service Support.

F. Statement:  Unsubscribe on Promotional Emails & Account Deactivation

If you wish to unsubscribe from our promotional emails, please contact us immediately through our Customer Service Support. 

If you wish to deactivate your account, please contact us immediately through our Customer Service Support. By deactivating please note that: 

1) The registered email address can no longer be re-used to log in or sign up for a new account 

2) You would not have access to any of your accounts, including ratings and purchasing history 

3) Returns and refunds cannot be processed for orders in the account 

Please note that your account cannot be deactivated if have an outstanding active order on your account. Please contact us when you have received the order or have cancelled your order for us to assist you in your account deactivation

G. Statement:  Providing Feedback regarding Privacy & Security

If you have any questions or concerns that wish to know or perhaps any feedbacks and suggestion regarding account safety and data protection, please do not hesitate to contact us at our Customer Service Support.

Return & Refund

A. Statement:  Return and Refund Policy

Items can be returned within 14 days once the package has arrived at buyer’s doorstep; we recommend buyers to check their package as soon as possible to avoid any delay or unwanted incident for requesting for a return or refund. 

Buyers could request a refund or return through Customer Service Support, items that after 14 days period are not allowed to request a refund or return.

B. Statement:  Information and item condition needed for a refund or a return

We will need the following information while requesting a refund or a return:

  • Proof of purchase (order number, tax invoice, etc.) 
  • Bank details (Bank name and account number)
  • Shipping code or printed invoice in the package.

Please note to follow the following conditions: 

  1. Make sure the timeline is within 14 days period. 

  2. Having an excellent manner to the seller while requesting a refund or return. 

  3. Contact the seller at the same time, requesting a replacement or refund

Items Condition  

Item condition must be in good condition, except the items are broken or defected before arriving at the buyer’s doorstep, we recommend a buyer to keep everything to be original and in place. 

The condition for a valid return from the customers is:

1. Damaged – the product packing or product itself is damaged during the delivery.

2. Defective – the product does not function as promised and stated.

3. Wrong item- wrong product is being delivered to the buyers.

4. Missing part- the product is not complete, or what is delivered does not match the “what’s in the box” description. 

5. Not as advertised – the products delivered does not resemble what is advertised on the website.

6. Does not fit- mainly applicable for fashion items, the wrong size has been purchased and does not fit the customers.

Important note:

To prevent false claims or scam seller is advised to take a picture with a clear and full image of the product before shipping.

C. Statement: Reasons that allow the customer to return an item

For your convenience, we have listed a guideline of reasons and condition which will allow a buyer to request for a return and refund:

Reasons for Return New Condition Sealed Condition Complete (free gifts, accessories, original packing) Not Damaged Tags and Labels attached
Delivery –Wrong Products Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quality- Damaged Products No No Yes No Yes
Quality – Defective No No Yes Yes Yes
Quality – Product condition Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Delivery – Parts Missing Yes No No Yes Yes
Website – Incorrect Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Product – Does not fit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Not As expected Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

D. Statement:  The Process of Return and Refund

If you are facing trouble in the process for return & refund, we had prepared guideline for you to follow.

1. Make a report through customer service.

2. Contact seller.

3. Prepare needed information when is necessary. 

4. Be patient and wait for a response.

5. Send back the items if the seller agrees to make a refund or a return.

6. Wait for the transaction or items to return the buyer’s doorstep.

7. Case closed.

E. Statement:  Consumable Items  

Please note that consumable items once open or consume are not allowed to return or refund except the seller willing to do so, or else the item can’t be return or refund if buyers find out the consumable item is not suitable to use please contact the seller immediately, according item category consumable item are not allowed to return or refund such as personal wearing or one-time-usage due to personal hygiene or the item cannot be reused for specific reasons so buyers have to beware if they want to make a return or refund request.

F. Statement:  Return Shipping Fees

For returning the items, both parties can negotiate the shipping fees, which will be paid for it, or both parties can separate the fees for returning shipping fees.

G. Statement:  Getting money back during refund and return

If the case close and seller agree to refund, it might take 7-14 business days to deliver the money back to the buyers; buyers must provide information on their banking details for us to proceed the transaction. Any late delay for the transaction will be updated by us.

H. Statement:  False Report Penalty

To protect the seller’s right and to keep users to be safe we will act against false reports; buyers can’t simply report a false statement of return and refund towards seller with the intention destroying seller’s reputation or causing troubles for sellers. Different penalties will be applied on users who lodged false reports with intention to endanger a seller’s reputation.

I.  Statement:  Reporting users who broke the policy of Return & Refund

  1. Not providing additional information about the products.

  2. Ignoring the message/request for return or refund.

  3. Not cooperative for making a return or refund, keep delaying or any ridiculous reasons to hold down the entire process.

  4. Denied the responsibility of being a seller.

  5. The seller had promised to make a return or refund but did not make it at the end.

The seller could report buyers if they are not cooperative as well such as:

  1. Not providing information such as the current condition of the products.

  2. Buyers threatening sellers to make a return or refund.

  3. Buyers try to scam sellers for a return or refund.

  4. Buyers send back the items that are not the original items that the seller send-off.

  5. Buyers requesting a return or refund without a proper reason.

  • For further enquires please contact Customer Service Support (insert link)
  • For more information please view our Return and Refund Policy (insert link)

J. Statement:  Items broke by the shipping company

If the item is broken before arriving the buyer’s doorstep and is not the fault of the seller, seller could request shipping company which the shipping company has insurance cover for it. But please beware of the shipping company policy for insurance. 

K. Statement:  Return & Refund timeline

Once seller or buyer agrees to make a return or refund, they must process within the timeframe:

Timeline Domestic International
Return timeline 3 – 7 business day 3 – 14 business day
Refund timeline 3 – 5 business day 3 – 5 business day

Buyer or seller is subject to provide the proof of shipping or evidence to support they have acted accordingly to the process of refund or return policy, and delay will not accept if there’s no proper explanation is provided.

What not to do

The violation policy might be applied to the buyer and seller who doesn’t cooperate the process or refuse to return or refund. Users should follow the process accordingly to the return, and refund policy says or our customer services representative’s guidelines.

Important note

For buyers who would like to understand more about Buyer’s Protection Programs timelines for return and refund, please find out more at Buyer’s Protection Program policy. 

Payment, Pricing & Promotions 

A. Statement:  Payment

For Payment, users are only allowed to use Ipay88 provided by the platform as a payment gateway when conducting trade and transactions on TheBlackFox platform.  All payment process will be facilitated by our payment gateway provider.

Please note that any deal and transactions between buyers and sellers conducted outside the TheBlackFox platform are prohibited.

Any actions involved in money transactions and illegal transactions outside of the TheBlackFox will see as violation in policy, charges, and activities will be taken accordingly to the Violation Policy if caught.

B. Statement:  Customer Service on Payments

If any user has any issues related to payments in our representative will be happy to assist user may execute the following actions:

1. Report the issue by submitting to TheBlackFox via our Customer Service Support  

2. Report the issue to Ipay88 via Ipay88 help desk

We would require the following information from you for us to assist you:

  1. Proof of purchase/ purchase order (order number, tax invoice etc.)

  2. Your ID member.

  3. Payment method (FPX, debit/credit card, and online banking)

Please note that users are encourage not to: 

  1. duplicate the report if you have reported to Ipay88 or us.

  2. Providing incorrect information might cause a delay in the report.

Please allow us time for the issue to be solved accordingly. We will update you regarding any information within 48 hours for your concern.

C. Statement:  Pricing Overview

We aim to let sellers understand the pricing system without trading their losses on their cost of products or processing fees:

For user understanding, below is an overview on how sellers set their pricing:

Note: Our sellers are all recommended to use the local currency according to their location.

D. Statement:  Wrong Pricing 

Users must be aware on Pricing placed by the sellers, sometimes sellers would input wrong prices due to human errors. Please inform our customer service support if you suspect a seller had placed a wrong pricing for products and items.

We will ensure that sellers to avoid wrong pricing by: 

  1. Reminding sellers to be very clear that prices must be under their address or location currency.

  2. Reminding sellers to correctly input the prices and double-check it. 

  3. Reminding sellers to perform a sense check before mass updating the prices.

  4. Making sure sellers to upload the file to the correct venture.

E. Statement:  Payment Gateway Transaction Fees

Important Note: For every trade close by sellers will be a charge of 2.5% - 2.8% by the payment gateway company for sellers who are using the services.

For user understanding, the fees will be listed below here:

Above the table of Per Transaction Fees is listed by the Payment Gateway Company. We hope sellers understand that ratings are not under our control, and we can’t modify it.

  • The transaction fees, sellers must bear the cost by themselves.
  • Transaction fees will be automatically charges, whenever sellers close a trade or a deal by using the payment gateway.
  • Sellers must understand that the transaction fees will be calculated under 2.8% or MYR0.60, whichever is higher.

F. Statement:  Processing Fees

Important Note:  Seller will be charge MYR1.00 as processing fee for every transaction.

  1. The processing fees will be charged for every transaction no matter how much the transaction hold and the fees will count per transaction.

  2. The fees will calculate by fixed prices instead of percentage, and the prices will remain until further notices.

  3. The reasons why we charge sellers processing fees, we hope to state that those funding will help users in this platform to create the best experiences while they are using it. We wish to provide the best services we could, but without those processing fees, maintenance and developments won’t be happening. We want to sellers could understand us for a better community platform. 

G. Statement:  Finance Payment Cycle

For user information:

The Seller won’t get their money immediately once the buyers have done the transfer. Sellers must wait for a period of security program payment then the money will flow to the seller’s finance payment cycle.

For more information about the Finance payment cycle, please view our Pricing, Funds Transfer and Commissions Policy.  

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